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ULTIMA RATIO - Software and Interactive Installation
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Ultima Ratio

In this virtual reality ambient human paradoxes and dilemmas are represented as logical structures. A decision support system from AI research reasons then on such issues as: should Hamlet kill Claudius.., should Ilsa leave Casablanca with Rick..., should one live for ideals even if risking one´s life..., etc.?

The system generates inner monologues of the characters and visualizes them in realtime as 3-D diagrams. The ambivalence of choices may become captured as images about mental spaces. The visual language (here of the first protoype) allows also to draw images beyond the logical functionality: features like "reasoning running wild", "courage - live wrong, but win" and "plans of a life" may be expressed within the sematics of Ultima Ratio.

Concept & Texts
Daniela Alina Plewe